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Benefits Of Artificial Intelligence [An AI Approach To The Future ]

Benefits Of Artificial Intelligence

One cannot deny the fact that artificial intelligence is the most striking thing ever happened to humanity. The conserved benefits of artificial intelligence have accelerated and upgraded the Lifestyle of the human race in the best possible way. 

John McCarthy invented the term Artificial Intelligence in the year 1950.

He said:

Every aspect of learning or any other feature of intelligence can in principle be so precisely described that a machine can be made to simulate it. An attempt will be made to find how to make machines use language, form abstractions, and concepts, solve kinds of problems now reserved for humans and improve themselves.


Here are the 10 benefits of artificial intelligence

AI is serving humanity in many divergent ways. But with how many of those you are aware of? Let’s have a deeper understanding of the utilities provided by artificial intelligence.

AI in Education

Ever wondered what education looks like in the future? 🤔

If we have a look at the current statistics and technologies, it is evident that the concept of education would be different in the coming future. AI is already providing a great deal in the field of education. The physical presence of instructors is irreplaceable in the educational environment. There will still be plenty of changes in this field.

AI tools are providing a great in filling the gaps in traditional educational systems. An AI environment can be customized to fulfill the learning needs of a particular student, which is not possible in the classroom of 1 lecturer and 40 students.

AI-enabled educational systems the creation of multiple Global classrooms for students from all around the world. Where students can access information for learning and research purposes with subtitles and translations. With AI, individuals who are unable to attend institutions due to financial or health issues can become a part of a better learning environment.

AI at a Glance

Artificial intelligence is the most enthralling area of computer knowledge that works on the creation of intelligence. Machines demonstrate the functionality of the human brain by learning, problem-solving, and emotional intelligence quotient activities. Emotional intelligence refers to the ability of something or someone to comprehend feelings and emotions. 

AI for Economy

The change brought by artificial intelligence is to serve the human not to push them back. It’s the human that is building them. Deep learning advances brought AI to life. Machine learning making AI even smarter than ever. The combination of man and mechanical intelligence brings surprisingly efficient outcomes to modern society and our economic system. 

Artificial intelligence enhanced our lifestyle by using search algorithms. Those algorithms provide precise information. AI has increased the ratio of productivity at work by helping people perform their duties and responsibilities in a timelier and well-organized manner. As a result, the revenue generated from the increased productivity is revitalized in the business expansion for Economic Growth.

AI in Healthcare

 The uses and benefits of AI are infinite. From the economy to education, we continued to bloom through the technological revolution. AI has the power to impact healthcare and diagnostics services. From the disease prediction facility based on symptoms, customization of medical attention plans, and reliability of medical records, artificial Intelligence saved time. So we can concentrate on other essential tasks that are not automated.

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AI Takes Risks

It is better to let the machines take risks instead of humans. AI robots can be made to reduce the risk factor for human labor in various rigid & risky situations. No matter whether the task is related to detecting the coronavirus or to drill a mountain. AI-enabled robots proved to be very handy in such cases.

The aim of AI-enabled devices, tools, & robotics was to create an updated and comfortable lifestyle for a better living environment. No doubt, AI is the future of Technology. The future of humanity depends on the use of Artificial intelligence. With the help of AI, we will surely be able to see humanity progressing in a technological environment for a better future.

New Inventions

Artificial intelligence examples changed the way of living. AI operates in new inventions for almost every field. Smart systems predict what step we gonna take the next and corrects the human error. Machine intelligence works irrespective of activities. Social media like Facebook utilizes image recognition to detects the person’s face and auto-generate the caption based on the tags. AI is everywhere from our smart mobile to advance systems. 


AI in our Environment

Ever experienced AI in your environment?

If you have a smartphone and a stable internet connection, you have more chances to experience an AI environment without you even noticing. Artificial intelligence today has encompassed almost every area of Computer technology. From your Google personal assistant to Sophia, the most advanced robot by Hanson robotics, every interactive computer design is the result of an essential advancement in the field of artificial intelligence. 

Digital Assistance

Advanced organizations implemented machines on behalf of humans to interact with their customers by using ‘avatars’. These are the digital assistants that reduce the need for human resources. For AI Machines it’s difficult to identify human emotions. But advances in AI can predict about human emotions.

The great creation of SOPHIA changes its facial expression according to the situation. Robots are programmed to think logically for making the right decisions. Decisions are based on the existing or past experience taught to the machine. In that case, we need a human intervention that helps in such dimensions.


Human Error Reduction

Humans are immune to mistakes. Error chances tend to increase as humans with no fresh mind. The advantage of artificial intelligence has reduced human error by automating repetitive tasks. That work could be easily done by AI algorithms. Computers are programmed to perform tasks.

Some tasks require cognitive machine learning like robots. Machines can think faster than humans. Robots perform repetitive tasks that are based on previously gathered information. Thus, artificial intelligence is also used in space exploration and weather forecasting. 

AI in business

One main advantage of AI over humans is that machines don’t get bored by repeating the same task. AI tools are independent of circumstances and timings and can work in situations that aren’t anticipated by human professionals. AI has a wide range of uses in business as well. It has already taken charge of almost every business process, from minor to major. As Technology is evolving day by day, AI has become vital for businesses who are desirous to be indomitable in their competitive circle. 

Amazon Web Services

Generally, artificial intelligence is considered as a replacement of human labor and knowledge, but the fact is AI is a supporting tool, able to analyze and calculate trillions of data with lowest error rates in just a blink. Human professionals can easily use and access the data derived by AI devices to make productive decisions and strategies for the future.

Myths About AI

The first and natural response of any race in the encounter with Technology powerful and exalted would be either excited or terrified. Both are different optimist and pessimist approaches towards artificial intelligence. Undoubtedly, artificial intelligence has the potential to revolutionize our Lifestyle. But various myths are also becoming popular in society and causing an environment of fear and distrust.

A billionaire, Microsoft co-founder, Bill Gates. (Clifford, 2019) said:

Artificial intelligence is like nuclear energy, both promising and dangerous. The power of AI is so incredible it will change society in some profound ways.

Let’s dip into the most widely believed misconceptions about computer intellect.

Myth 1 : AI is resulting in Human Unemployment

Is AI going to replace humans shortly?

Currently, this is the most widely asked & believed misconception. Artificial intelligence has the potential to modify our existing way of living in a healthier, more organized, and productive manner. In many fields, AI has already replaced human labor with its dynamic and wide range of services. But this isn’t the absolute truth. Entrepreneurs and employees have said that the growing ratio of unemployment has a weak link to mechanical intelligence.

The increase in efficiency and productivity by artificial intelligence has allowed individuals to think and explore ideas outside the box of manual work. To sum up the discussion, with the advancement in artificial intelligence, individuals are looking forward to working in an automated environment in a smarter way.

Only people who should be concerned about unemployment are those who are low-skilled and are afraid to update their skillset with the changing Technology.

Myth 2 – AI will destroy the human race

The 2nd most widely believed misconception is that artificial intelligence will destroy the human race. The creators or we say spreaders of this myth are the people who are profoundly influenceable in their circle. 

I have exposure to the most cutting edge AI, and I think people should be concerned about it. AI is the major risk to the existence of human civilization.

Elon Musk (Clifford, 2017) 

The concern of top technicians is not strong at all. Technology affects society in different ways. A technique that is so powerful and robust that it could be the most Marvelous thing for humankind can also prove to be a threat if fallen into the wrong hands. The need of the hour is to align AI with our objective, before AI’s super intellect era to enjoy the services and benefits of mechanical intelligence.

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There are some advantages and disadvantages associated with every field. On one side artificial intelligence is making humans tasks even easier. While on the other side, it’s also creating unemployment and risks. We have not yet achieved the model that is smart to think by itself. People have different views on artificial intelligence. An autonomous car gave a full rest to drivers. But on the other side, it also snatched the source of the economy. A great thing is none of the AI applications made at that scale that can destroy humanity.

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