15 Best tech companies to work for in 2022

best tech companies to work for

Technology companies are now booming. In today’s world, top companies are seeking individuals who handovers their work and manage their accounts. With such an influx in the market, it’s hard to tell which one is best. Every year Glassdoor ranks 100 top companies based on their customer reviews and job satisfaction. That’s why we have compiled and gave a quick brief of some of them…

Here is the list of 15 best tech companies to work for

  1. Intel Corporation
  2. Apple
  3. Cisco System
  4. Slack
  5. Dell Technologies
  6. SAP
  7. Adobe
  8. Salesforce
  9. SurveyMonkey
  10. Facebook
  11. Microsoft
  12. Nvidia
  13. Linkedin
  14. Google
  15. HubSpot

Intel Corporation

Overall Ranking: 100

Company Rating: 4.3

Market value in $: 263.1 B 

What it Does: The first known company on the earth that manufacture processors. Intel company striving to make the user experience even more amazing. Latest advances in memory, internet of things, 5G connectivity and many more. Intel striving to resolve the global challenges. The key challenge is to make the technology smarter.



Overall ranking: 84

Company rating: 4.3

Market value in $: 961.3 B 

What it Does: The company was founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in 1976. Now it has become the multinational technology in the world. Apple is a company that is standing behind the consumer’s technology like MAC, iPhone, iPad and other products. In today’s world, most of the gadgets rely on intel processors. Yet, Apple has created its A7 chips and iOS operating system. Facial recognition and Touch ID fingerprint provide more security to Apple’s devices. 

Cisco Systems

Overall ranking: 77

Company rating: 4.3

Market value in $: 248.3 B 

What it Does: Cisco Systems built the Internet so we know exactly what it takes to get your business online. CISCO company associated with the services of information technology networking. The company sells Internet Protocol based networking products. The company offers Next-Generation Network (NGN), Collaboration, Data Center, Wireless, Security, and Other Products. 



Overall ranking: 69

Company rating: 4.3

Market value in $: 23 B 

What it Does: Slack is a messaging app. That replaced the communication and sharing through email to a chat room. It enables you to organize communication by channel and share the file privately. Integration of Slack with other world’s famous products like Google Drive, Dropbox, Github, etc gave it a quick boost in ranking. The majority of the top companies have now selected Slack as the source of communication.

Dell Technologies

Overall ranking: 67

Company rating: 4.3

Market value in $: 6,845 M 

What it Does: Dell was listed at number 51 in the Fortune 500. Dell company makes gaming PCs, laptops, networking devices, and other products. The company sells data storage devices, servers, and many more gadgets. Alienware is the other ownership held by Dell company. The company produces high-end gaming PCs to boost user experience. 


Overall ranking: 48

Company rating: 4.3

Market value in $: 134.9 B 

What it Does: SAP is the acronym of System, Applications, Products. SAP creates enterprise software from large to small scale organizations. Platform refers to the in-memory database called HANA. People can create their apps on the cloud. This platform provides a service that is similar to thunkable. The business network is the future of enterprises in real-time that works even with big data.


Adobe products

Overall ranking: 39

Company rating: 4.4

Market value in $: 132B 

What it Does: Adobe is an American software company. The mission is to provide a great platform from designers to developers. Adobe offers three clouds. 

  1. Adobe Document Cloud has moved the paper-based work to digital. Last year billions of documents were opened on the adobe cloud. Billions of signature were done through this platform. 
  2. Adobe Creative Cloud delivers the world’s leading creative desktop tools, mobile apps, and services such as Adobe Stock images. 
  3. Adobe Experience Cloud provides an end-to-end Customer Experience Management solution for experience creation, marketing, advertising, analytics, and commerce. 


Overall ranking: 34

Company rating: 4.4

Market value in $: 120.9 B 

What it Does: Salesforce is a cloud computing company that specializes in customer relationship management. The service connects businesses with customers, tracks their activity and market to customers. CRM’s primary focus is to help businesses in customer retention and keep them happy.


Surveymonkey logo

Overall ranking: 33

Company rating: 4.4

Market value in $: 2 B 

What it Does: SurveyMonkey is an online tool that lets you launch a project survey. The automated feature of SurveyMonkey concludes based on different surveys and generates a report. Sentimental analysis and word cloud use natural language processing and machine learning to analyze data. Now SurveyMonkey analyzed that about 40% of the people’s surveys contain open-ended questions. 


Overall ranking: 23

Company rating: 4.4

Market value in $: 512 B

What it Does: Facebook is the social giant behind Whatsapp, Instagram, and Messenger. Artificial Intelligence is deeply embedded in Facebook from natural language processing to facial recognition. This social platform tracks user behavior and trains its model to enhance the user experience. In today’s world, millions of business grow just due to this fastest-growing social platform. 


Overall ranking: 21

Company rating: 4.4

Market value in $: 946.5 B

What it Does: Technology company behind Windows, Office, the Bing, Azure cloud, and many other products. Windows has now become a standard operating system. This advantage has resulted in windows as the best gaming platform. Because of its popularity, the cost of support is low as compared to MAC OS and Linux.



Overall ranking: 20

Company rating: 4.4

Market value in $: 113.4 B

What it Does: Nvidia is a graphics chip manufacturing company that generates its revenue by selling GPUs (Graphical Processing Units). GPUs are then installed with a computer to enhance the gaming experience, process visualization, data science, and advance graphical work. Nvidia has recently expanded into autonomous vehicles and other AI-related industries


Overall ranking: 12

Company rating: 4.5

Market value in $: 4,836 M

What it Does: Linkedin is a professional social network platform owned by Microsoft. This platform is designed for businesses and careers to connect. Linkedin is ideal for home-based business owners, freelancers, and telecomputers. Linkedin is all about building great customer relations. 


Overall ranking: 11

Company rating: 4.5

Market value in $: 1 Trillion

What it Does: Maker of the Google search engine, the Android operating system, Gmail, and many other products. Google’s main focus is its search engine that crawls data from different websites and generates the results. Google ranks content based on different algorithms. It tracks user behavior to make the user experience even better. 



Overall ranking: 1

Company rating: 4.6

Market value in $: 1 B

What it Does: Hubspot is an automated marketing platform for the marker and service providers. HubSpot provides tools for social media marketing, content management, web analytics, and search engine optimization. HubSpot has integration features for, NetSuite, and much more. Hubspot boosts lead tracking and conversions. 

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