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Trending Topics – 5 Tools That Help In Effective Writing

Trending Topics

The emerging world encourages people to stay UpToDate with trending topics. People are eager to know about exciting things. In that case, bloggers and content writers become confused about selecting the topic to write on. The only thing that comes into mind is, “Hey, I should write on the top trending topics.”

The questions that come into mind are, “Why should I write trending topics? Which content can give more engagements? How to find the trending topic? How to select the topic related to my niche?”

In this article, I am going to clarify to you all these queries, whether you are a beginner or intermediate. I will also show you some pro tools to check for the trending topics. I use it to find the content related to my niche. This guide will help you a lot. So, keep reading until the end to find the hidden bonus.

At the very first level, decide the purpose of writing. Either you want to write the content for SEO (To get higher Google ranking) or to get more engagements and share on social platforms. Bear in mind, if you are going to write the trending topics. That might not give you good results in Google ranking. The good thing is it can provide more engagements and shares on social media.

Let’s dig dive into finding trending topics today on the internet.

Time to Read 5 minutes

  1. Google Trends

    Google Trends - techrident

    To get results related to your query. Just drop the keyword in Google trends. Google Trend will let you know the direction associated with the specific question. You can also apply filters to check the trend to a particular location.

    I dropped the keyword “Digital Marketing with Google.” Google shows the pattern related to a specific query.  According to Google, it is expected that the term will be searched less in the future. You can also get more results by scrolling to the bottom. And can also compare two queries to check which one can give you better results.

    Google Word Trends - TechRident

  2. Reddit

    COVID-19 Subreddit

    Reddit gains more popularity in less time. Now it stands up as the competitor to Facebook and Twitter. Reddit offers spam filters. This means if someone tries to spam in the groups, Reddit will automatically block those posts or even can ban the account. You need to build a high value of KARMAS to prevent yourself from the circle of spam. Secondly, learn Reddit marketing because you can reach the exact and higher number of audiences in less time rather than spending money on Facebook ads.

    Now let’s go to Reddit. In the search panel, type the main keyword on which you want to write. In my case, “Coronavirus.”

    Reddit Search Bar

    Facebook uses the concept of groups, while Reddit uses “Subreddits.” Subreddits are the groups related to specific topics on the Reddit platform. Here is what I have found.

    Coronavirus Subreddits - techrident

    In the “Subreddit,” select the “Top” section to see what is trending and what people are talking about? As you can see that the first result got 37.4k upvotes having 1.9k comments. That’s quite amazing,

    COVID-19 Subreddit

    Go down the comments to check what people are talking about. Boom! Now you can write the content that best matches their need.

    Trending Topic Comments - techrident

  3. TrendSpottr

    TrendSpottr - Trending Topics

    TrendSpottr works like a crawler. That crawls different websites to check which topics are mostly read by the audience. A 7-day trial is good enough to use this tool for testing. Let’s create an account and search for your desired topic. You can also choose the category in the “Trend Feed” section. Let’s say I want to write about an “effective resume.” Here is what I have found.

    TrendSpottr - Trending Topics

    LinkedIn is a business platform. So, I prefer to write on the second topic that targets my exact audience.

  4. UberSuggest

    UberSuggest - Trending Topics - techrident

    UberSuggest is one of the SEO tools that are good for getting “Content Ideas.” Just head over to UberSuggest and type your keyword. You will be presented with different websites that gain more popularity. The good thing is, it shows you how much shares each article got on a social platform.  

    UberSuggest - Trending Topics - techrident

  5. BuzzSumo

    BuzzSumo - Trending Topics

    One of my favorite tools to find the trending topics is BuzzSumo. Well, you became surprised to know why I love this tool? Keep reading, in the end; you will also like it.

    BuzzSumo is the combination of all the tools that I mentioned above🤔. Seems surprised 🙄. Yes, it combines the features of Reddit. TrendSpottr, Google trends, UberSuggest, Facebook, Twitter, etc. to search for the trending topics. Hooked? Now Let’s get the live preview of BuzzSumo.

    Go to BuzzSumo and fill the credentials. With the free version, you can get limited results. Now, we are on the main page of BuzzSumo. The home page shows the random trending topics from the default category. It also shows a trending topic with their shares. As you can see, this article got more Facebook shares.

    BuzzSumo - Trending Topics - techrident

    Most of us do not agree with it. At the right sidebar, click “Curated Feeds” to change the category. At the next screen, you can select the major categories that you want to follow. Select desired and click save changes.

    BuzzSumo - Curated Fields

    Now, in the home feed, you will be shown with articles related to your interest.

    BuzzSumo - Trending Topics

    Now, its time to find the content related to a particular keyword. Choose the “keyword or term”, click “Topics.” and type the keyword in the search field.

    BuzzSumo Discover Topics

    I choose “Tesla” as a keyword to check the top trending topics.

    BuzzSumo - List of Keywords

    Boom! Here you go—a list of keywords to write content. Clicking the desired link will show you the trend of that specific keyword. In my case, Trending now “Tesla Motors” expected to go down in the upcoming days.
    BuzzSumo - Tesla Motors Trend

    Analyzing the tool will let you know the trending topics on:

    BuzzSumo Influencers
    BuzzSumo Content

    List of website URLs that got more social shares. A free version can give you just 3 results for more you have to pay

    BuzzSumo - Website Top Trendings - Facebook - Twitter - Reddit

    Question-related terms that most people search for.

    BuzzSumo - Question Related Terms - techrident


  • Generate Content Ideas


  • Google Trends
  • Reddit
  • TrendSpottr
  • UberSuggest
  • BuzzSumo

Materials: Power Words, Headline Analyzer, Ahref, Moz, Grammarly Keywords Everywhere

How To Write Content?

You have found the trending topic. Now, it’s time to write the content. To generate a great piece of content, follow these steps.

  1. First, write the article by keeping your targeting audience and user experience in mind.
  2. Create a headline that is more killing. A recent study indicates that about 8 out of 10 people read the headline while 4 out of 10 read the content. So, make sure your headline is catchier.
  3. Use the “Power Words” and “Headline Analyzer” tool to generate an incredible headline.
  4. Use the “Keyword Everywhere” extension to check what people are mostly searching for related to your topics. It displays the results whenever you search on the subject.
  5. To generate an SEO friendly content, do quick research through Ahref or Moz Pro tool. Those are paid ones.
  6. Enter your “keywords” in the content. Linking to the internal and external website gives a signal to Google what the content is.
  7. Use Grammarly. Grammarly uses natural language processing to proofread your content and also analyzes plagiarism inside your content.

Boom! You have generated a great piece of content that is ready to publish. How did this article like you? Let us know in the comment section below. Have you found the hidden bonus inside the content?

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