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How to claim website on Pinterest WordPress

How to claim website on Pinterest WordPress

Pinterest, a leading market, captured billions of users in few years. It allows you to share images, videos, infographics, and all kinds of content that are primarily visual. Besides, most people use it to drag their audience and, most importantly, brings converting customers to your website. That’s why it’s a good practice to verify your website on Pinterest to make a trustable image in the eyes of your audience.

Why Pinterest

  1. A palace of innovative ideas
  2. Generate Leads
  3. Sell your eCommerce products.
  4. The best source to bring traffic to your blog
  5. Discover what your audience loves

How to claim website on Pinterest wordpress

  1. Login to Pinterest.

  2. From the top right side, go to settings.

  3. Scroll down and add your website’s address.

    (Enter website address) Verify-your-website-on-pinterest
  4. Choose the “Claim” tab

  5. In the websites section, click Claim.

    (Claim) Verify-your-website-on-pinterest
  6. In popup, choose any method to claim your website.

    (Copy meta tag OR Download file) Verify-your-website-on-pinterest
  7. Choose the HTML file to download.

  8. (You can also copy and paste this tag to the <head> section of your website’s index.html file)
  9. Upload that file in the main directory of your website.

  10. You can use File Manger to upload the file.

  11. Go back and click continue.

  12. Add your website address for verification

    (Enter website address) Verify-your-website-on-pinterest
  13. Click verify button

(All done) Verify-your-website-on-pinterest

Successfully Claimed. Right? 😍

Finally, Pinterest site verification claimed successfully claimed. Do share your opinions in the comment section to make people aware that you did it. If you liked it, do subscribe to our newsletter to get regular updates.

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