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Best 13 Artificial Intelligence Examples That Will Change The Way Of Living

Artificial Intelligence Examples

Upcoming age is the juice of artificial intelligence. Top artificial intelligence examples are changing their way of living. Smart artificial intelligence devices and smart AI tools are becoming more intelligent even they can mimic human nature. Some devices are as intelligent that they can work as a personal assistant, not just guide you but also take an action according to your commands. So, here is the list of top artificial intelligence examples to check out…

Olly – Personality Home Assistant

Olly, a voice-controlled assistant that works similar to “Alexa”. What makes it different is its personality. Olly uses natural language processing and machine learning algorithm to train itself consistently and adopts the behavior of its owner. A home artificial intelligence device is formed by Emotech. Olly not only can hear and react to your commands but can also visualize you. 

Olly uses face recognition and verbal patterns to judge your actions. In case, if you seem to be gloomy then it adopts the behavior of a person to make a conversation with you and also give a good suggestion. This home artificial intelligence device not only recognizes you by your face but also by your voice. Olly’s abilities are immersive than current voice assistants.



Atomwise uses the AI technology of deep learning and convolutional neural networks. That technology enables self-driving cars to find the optimum path and aids to recognize faces in the crowd. By using a strategic approach, Atomwise checks them from thousands of proteins structure to predict the right information of the bonded molecules.

Atomwise AI technology makes optimization faster and efficient by utilizing patterns in the data that is not possible for a human to do. Atomwise can analyze billions of compounds to identify a small subset with high specificity for synthesis and testing inside just a few weeks. With the help of AI, companies are finding and developing a new antidote for chronic kidney disease (CKD) and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF).

Nest – Smart IoT Makers

Google Nest

Google has brought back the Nest (Gadget maker company) to the orbit of Google’s parent company “Alphabet”. From our examples of ai, Google has slanted his future in building smart AI gadgets. That even can be controllable through Google Assistant. Many artificial intelligence devices operate on human instructions. Nest has continued to add AI to its elements. 

The British company is creating a gadget having six cameras. That gadget is hanged at the roof to monitor the activities of the individuals. The main role in these gadgets is the “Nest Aware” feature. That gathers and uploads data to the cloud. So that it will know when to turn ON lights or start the coffeepot. 

AlphaSense – AI Search Engine

AlphaSense proves to be a ground-breaking search engine for businesses as well as analysts. This search engine uses a fusion of artificial intelligence, natural language processing, augmented intelligence, and linguistic search. Linguistic search enables people to search from millions of documents 10 times faster than the ordinary ones. AlphaSense finds information on companies, premises, and data to provide the exact relevant information. 

AlphaSense is the growing innovation that uncovers critical data that others are missing with incredible speed and accuracy. In words of analysts and AI experts, the sole persistence behind AlphaSense is to provide the clients with critical information and enable companies to make smarter and more confident decisions. 

Google Maps 

Google Maps

Google is an emerging form of artificial intelligence. In their algorithm, Google Maps automatically selects the best route for reaching the destination relying on different timeframes. The AI technology behind the algorithm is SLAM. Simultaneous Localization and Mapping is a virtual reality application that creates a virtual environment surrounding by using machine learning and augmented reality to improve the user experience.

When you start typing in the search box. It automatically anticipates what you are looking for and it provides suggested search results. The search is based on past searches or where are you at the time. Some industry analysts stated the fact that Google will massively use futuristic artificial intelligence in the next version of the flagship application. 

Facebook – Image Recognition


Image recognition stays the area of focus for Facebook. By using artificial intelligence, they created audio captions of images for visually impaired persons. Researchers trained the image recognition network with a large set of public images having hashtags. Now they have achieved 85% accuracy by utilizing 1 billion images having 15000 hashtags.

Time taken problems are solved by utilizing the power of about 336 GPUs to weeks. They created a method to remove the duplicates of an image that they don’t want to evaluate. Examples of AI are deeply set on Facebook whether it’s a newsfeed, chatbots, suggestions, or ads targeting. Facebook is using Artificial intelligence to remove abuse. The evolvement of artificial intelligence on Facebook proves to be groundbreaking.

Twitter – Natural Language Processing


Behind tweets, on twitter, artificial intelligence is outperforming there. The Twitter ranking algorithm utilizes deep neural networks over time to suggest the relevant content in their feed. Tweets are scored on the core of the ranking model. That checks the probability of whether the user values the content or not. 

Higher the relevancy score, the higher the tweets will be shown at the top. Twitter uses natural language processing to eliminate abusive messages from their social platform. In past years, Twitter put off more than 95% terrorism accounts just by using AI algorithms rather than humans to resolve.

Slack – Companies Collaboration


The fastest-growing network Slack uses a machine-learning algorithm to restrain the flood of messages. Collaborative filtering is a machine learning algorithm that predicts a person’s interests and preferences by collecting information. The algorithms will look at the channels whenever the persons start using slack. 

Slack detects who is active and how best companies are interrelated with each other and which matters are trendier in the market. At present, there are about six million active users on the Slack. CEO Stewart Butterfield says. “In a couple of years, it will be very good. In about five years, it will be excellent. And in 10 years it will be impossible to work without it.”

Twiggle – Ecommerce Search Engine


Twiggle is an e-commerce intelligent search engine that enables customers to purchase the desired product. It uses natural language processing to capture the voice and exhibit results by using deep learning algorithms. The intelligent voice assistant gives customers a human-like shopping experience that not only increases sales but also the company’s reputation. 

By artificial intelligence, it tracks your searches and then alerts you what you need to know plus track the popularity of your stock. Twiggle gives you every aspect of top trends in addition to which brands and products are emerging in the market. 

Amplero – Marketing Platform

Amplero is an artificial intelligence marketing (AIM) platform that operates by using machine learning. From our examples of AI, Amplero enables business-to-consumer (B2C) marketers at global brands to optimize customer lifespan worth at a scale that is not humanly possible. 

Amplero sense patterns in data and automatically finds out new micro-segments to build a worth profile. Amplero optimizes campaigns to increase marketing and grow business. The marketer then uses machine learning tools to run thousands of trials.

Drift – An Intelligent ChatBot


Drift automation uses AI to store past conversations. The chatbot uses natural language processing, machine learning, and bot’s ontology to understand the customer’s demand. Instead of just asking questions from the customer, it is also able to reply to the customers to provide them a human touch. 

24/7 support is not possible for humans to do. That’s why these marketing chatbots have got the responsibility of handling customers. Teams then analyze the chatbots with the customer to enhance the natural language and increase sales. Chatbots understand the previous conversations and train themselves consequently. 

iRobot – Robotic Vaccum Cleaner


Roomba was the first robotic vacuum cleaner launched by iRobot. In past years the artificial intelligence robot was only able to identify the walls and avoid stairs by using built-in sensors. With the advancement in AI, decision-making capabilities have been added to Roomba. 

The New 980 model of Roomba scans the room’s size to judge how much vacuum there is needed to clean the room. Roomba can prevent itself from obstacles. It also remembers the efficient routes and approaches to follow in the future. There is no need for human assistance to clean the floors. 

Hanson Robotics – Human-Like AI Robot


From our examples of AI, Sophia is the best creature of Hanson Robotics. Human crafted appearance and intelligence captured the imagination of the global audience. Sophia is the world’s first artificial intelligence robot that has given citizenship. 

Neural networks and conversational natural language processing make Sophia adopt human-like behavior. The cognitive architecture enables it to recognize the facial expression of any person. That’s why it also has emotions to make a conversation with a human. By machine perception and motor control to adopt the gaze and motion strategy. And tries to find a way to achieve goals with you. 

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Wrapping Up Artificial Intelligence Examples

There are a lot of examples of artificial intelligence examples. I just explained the few ones. How did this article like you? Let us know in the comment section below. If you know more than don’t forget to share your thoughts with the public.

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