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How to add a user to google analytics in just 4 steps

Add a user to google analytics

Tracking your website visitors via Google Analytics and want to add a user to google analytics to give access to analyze the data? Buckle up to dig dive into the content. Google analytics offers you a wide range of options that we can explore.

You can grant access to anyone by specifying the account access. The permissions at which you add a user decide its access. Google Analytics account to help you troubleshoot any issues. Assigning access is the most secure way to share your website’s reports without having to share your login details.

Google Analytics Add User

Let’s follow these steps to add a new user to google analytics:

1. Open Google Analytics

The very first step is to sign in to google analytics via which you have added your website. Like if you have added your property via email account. Then make sure to sign in via that account. Next step is to choose an account and property.

To do that, click on your account or website name that you have chosen via adding your website (Next after the analytics logo).  In my case, it’s “AceFella”.

Account Add a user to google analytics

On click, you will see three things,

  1. Account & Analytics
  2. Properties & Apps
  3. View

Visit this link to learn more about it.

For now, choose your account then property and then All website data

Account > Property > All Website Data (Or any data view)

Data View Google Analytics Add User

On click, it will start showing up your website reports.

2. In left sidebar click on Admin

Admin Google Analytics Add User

This step is only possible if you are the Admin of the website. If yes, then at the left sidebar click on Admin. On click, it will start showing up some settings related to your account and property. By using this section, you can get the tracking code to analyze your’s website visitors. In google analytics version 4, the terms tracking code replaced with G-Stream. So, don’t be confused about that.

3. Account user management

Account Property Google Analytics Add User

In the account settings, click on “Account User Management”. Here it will show all the users who have access to your google analytics property. At the top right side, hit on the + icon to add a new user. On click, it will ask for an email account that you want to grant access to. If you wish to notify the user, make sure that the “Notify new users by email” is enabled. 

Add Email Address Google Analytics Add User

4. Account Permission

The final and crucial step is to assign a level of access to the user.  This could be done in the account permission section. Some of the account permission are Edit, Collaborate, Read & Analyze and Manage users.

Account Permissions Google Analytics Add User

Terms itself are self-explanatory, If you want to assign the same level of access to the new user as you have then choose the Edit option, If you’re going to allow them to create dashboards and set goals, then go for Collaborate. By granting Read & Analyze permission allows the user to analyze the reposts. While Manage User permissions allow that user to add, delete users and change their permission. Choose the desired level of permission and click on Add button.

On click, an invitation email will be sent to the new user that they have to accept, and after that, they will become a member of that account. In the “Account User Management“, you can also delete them and can also change the level of permissions assigned to them by clicking on the three dots.

That’s it; this is how you can grant access to google analytics to someone. Hope this worked for you. Do share your opinions in the comment section to make people aware that you did it.

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