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Don’t feel like doing anything: Effective ways to keep yourself motivated

i don't feel like doing anything

No motivation, and don’t feel like doing anything? Is that depression or what? Do you need to consult a psychologist? How can you tackle this situation? Someone inside saying you are looser and cannot do anything? This work is not made for you & etc. 

Are these questions rounding up in your mind and stopping you from getting inspired to do anything by heart? Well, the good thing is you can block these unmotivated and unpleasant vibes by yourself. Seriously🙄? But how…………………….? 🤔

Before getting into the content, it’s good to know the reason behind “I don’t feel like doing anything.”

5 reasons why don’t I feel like doing anything

1. Overthinking and sensitivity

When you’re conscientious, it’s natural to think deeply about situations. Overthinking about every situation and taking things too closely is a significant fact that causes depression. Sensitivity instantly changes your mood swings to get you depressed. About 15 to 20% of people in the US are susceptible, which means they have a more finely rectified nervous system. In psychology, overthinking starts with negative self-talk, known as cognitive distortions. Cognitive distortions arises irrational beliefs that reinforce negative emotions and keep us stuck in a mental loop.

2. Aiming to reach the sky with no struggle

Most people have higher aims to become successful and become a billionaire. Having no struggle for it and keep blaming themselves brings them back to the situation of anxiety. No one becomes successful overnight. It’s the years of effort associated with it.

Slow success builds character; Fast success builds ego.

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3. Facing mental issue

Timely depression affects a person’s mental health. Over time, it makes your brain’s thinking process slow. It reduces the chemical messengers in the brain called neurotransmitters that cause depression. An increase in headache, less appetite, lack of sleep, pain and Chronic fatigue, etc., are some of the physical symptoms of depression. According to Health Harvard:

An underactive thyroid, stroke, and heart disease are among many conditions linked to depression. 

4. Pressurized due to workload

Have you felt Hypnic Jerk? Hypnic Jerk is when you go for sleep, and suddenly you experience a shocking falling sensation that wakes you up. It can be due to disconcerting, depression, and workload due to a busy routine. A theory, “Movement Disorders in Sleep,” states that the hypnic Jerk is merely a sign of our active physiological system finally giving in to our sleep drive, moving from active control to a state of rest and ultimately bodily paralysis. In essence, the hypnic Jerk is the sign to switch between the brain’s reticular activating system that causes wakefulness.

5. Actions mismatch with your words

Your saying should be your doing, and your doing should be your goal. Your goal should be the start of a ladder. Goals completions should be your aim. So, make sure what you plan, do it. Time won’t wait for you. It’s only you to face the time and change your Today.  

Now, let’s discuss some effective ways to tackle the situation “i don’t feel like doing anything”.

What to do when you don’t feel like doing anything?

You are unique with different and unique genetic configurations. Comparison between distinct objects is illogical. Consequently, you are neither inferior nor superior to others. You are unique in actions. You have unlimited possibilities and impressive power. You can achieve anything only if you so crave it. Upgrade yourself with proper education, grooming, and hard work. Train your brain to seek the activities you want for yourself. The sky is the limit.

1. Play a game that dissolves you inside

Oh really? 😯 Playing a game will overcome my depression? The short answer is yes. If the situation is “I don’t feel like doing anything,” then try to play any game that you like. It can be either a physical game (Football, tennis, or any else) or a digital game (Asphalt 9 or Temple Run 2.).

Let’s imagine that you have started playing Asphalt 9. Your goal will be to achieve the first positions, and you keep on driving to achieve it. The game will completely dissolve you inside to forget the rest. By doing this, your energy will be utilized in doing something to forget your depression.

2. Get outside

Spending a little time outside will help you feel better. Changing your environment also motivates you to do something. Go to naturally attractive places, like going to the beach, or visiting the mountains or any else. Spending some time outside might improve the rest of the day and make you feel better. Help the needy people and make a conversation with them. Life is short, and hence time is precious. Enjoy every single moment.

3. Create a schedule

Your To-Do List is the most crucial to motivate you. Most of the people forgot to remember what to do. In that case, keeping a firm plan for what to do when you don’t feel like doing anything is useful. Try to make some available time blocks so you can follow them. Finally, your work is appropriately planned.

4. Listen pleasant music

Music helps you fill the silence and give you peace to think about when you don’t feel like doing anything. Listen to your favorite music that pacifies and energizes you. Depending on your music choice, it will change your mood. Make sure that those music vibes energize you. Music has some positive benefits for your brain, including improved attention and memory. Some research also suggests music may have the potential to help reduce depression.

Soothing Relaxation

5. Feel motivated

Outwit yourself into feeling motivated by changing your reaction. Behave as if you felt motivated, and your actions will change your emotions. Rather than all day waiting for motivation to strike. You will see that taking action will increase your motive, making it more comfortable to keep going.  

If the thought of doing anything seems awful. Set small manageable goals. As you achieve these goals, you can start adding more on top of them until you ultimately achieve all of your dreams. See whether your motivational level increases.

6. Do self-comparison

Self-compassion involves associating yourself in a way that allows you to become more emotionally flexible and enhance connection with yourself. People committed to self-compassion find themselves in challenging situations. They spot that being imperfect at times is a part of living. The ability to tackle these experiences without pushing yourself down is a self-compassion.

Final Words

In short, keep thinking positively. Think positive; it happens positive. Positively feel everything and live a peaceful life. If you are getting too much down due to depression. Just remember that it’s temporary. A light of hope and goodness is still waiting for your act. So, stand and search for it. Which tip you adopted to overcome your depression? Do share your own ideas to make people aware. If you liked it, subscribe to our newsletter to get the amazing updates.

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