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How to fix “Installation failed: Destination folder already exists” WordPress plugin

installation failed: destination folder already exists

Being stuck in installing your desired theme/plugin to your WordPress website due to the error “Installation failed: Destination folder already exists.” Today, we gonna take a closer look at why this happens and tips to fix this error.

Why does this happen?

This error comes due to two reasons:

  1. During Installation of the theme/plugin, some files are not properly shifted from the WordPress repository or PC to your website, which results in the creation of the folder having the same name as of theme/plugin. It neither allows you to use that plugin/theme nor allows you to install it again. In short, completely stuck.
  2. Secondly, the possibility of this error” Installation failed: Destination folder already exists” is. During deleting plugin/theme files from your WordPress, there are still some files left undeleted. Due to which there is a folder having the same name already present there. Which restricts you from installing your desired theme or plugin.
| Installation failed: Destination folder already exists

Tips on “How to fix destination folder already exists error in WordPress”

There are two methods to fix this error:

  1. Via WordPress
  2. Via cPanel

Via WordPress:

Most people don’t bother to login the hosting websites or don’t have any cPanel access to fix this error. You might be one of them trying to fix this error by staying at the WordPress dashboard. To fix this:

  1. Login to your WordPress website.
  2. From the dashboard, go to Plugins > Add New
  3. In the search bar, type File Manager.
  4. Install the “File Manager” plugin by “mndpsingh287.”
  5. Click activate and go to the file manager section from the left sidebar.
  6. If this error came due to the theme, go to the themes folder; otherwise, go for plugins.
  7. For theme, go to wp-content/themes | For plugins, go to wp-content/plugins
  8. If this error came due to Astra theme or any else, choose the respective folder and click “X” icon to delete it.
  9. Go back and again install the theme or plugin that was causing the error.
FIX _ Installation failed: Destination folder already exists

Issue Fixed. Right? 😉

Via cPanel:

This method works for those who have access to cPanel (Control Panel). If you have, then jump to the hosting website. I am going with Namecheap; the same method works for other hostings too.

  1. Go to cPanel
  2. Choose File Manager
  3. Open the folder “Public_HTML” or your website folder
  4. Open the themes or plugins folder,
  5. Delete the folder that was causing the error.

Go back and again install the theme and plugin. I hope the issue has been resolved now. Let us know in the comment section which tip you used to fix that error. If you liked it, do subscribe to our newsletter to get regular updates.

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