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Impressive Augmented Reality in Google Search: Everything you need to know

Google Augmented Reality

Google is adding augmented reality to its search results. So, you can get the flavor of everything in the real world. While you are shopping at the store or you can place an animated shark 3d models in the living room. The company conferred off the technology in its I/O keynote. Even though we don’t know when did the search for AR will end up.

At I/O, Google proposed some of the basic features of how Augmented Reality might work. If you search for musculature, for instance, you can get an AR model of human muscles, which you can either examine as an ordinary 3D object on your screen or overlay on an AR camera feed, letting you “see” the object in the real world. If you are in the shopping store and want to get the preview of AR of how things might see if something is changed. It can be changing the packaging design or changing places of the accessories in the shop.

According to Cnet, searches in google will start showing 3D AR objects in recent years. Developers can add support to their objects just by writing a few lines of code. To make the user AR experience more entertaining and engaging. At present, you can place a AR 3D object directly from the chrome in the real world. There seems to help in how things will look in the real environment. It’s seemingly already working with NASA, New Balance, Samsung, Target, Volvo, and other groups to add support for their 3D models.

Google is offering a couple of AR tools from the last year. It stripped its Android SD ARCore platform in 2017, and it’s launched tools like the playful playground system, which engages people position augmented reality stickers into their AR camera feed. These features are the same as we see in Snap Chat. Google AR announce the live view beta in Google Maps swiftly turn yourself and know what location to go next at the top of the world. “Wayfair” app employs Augment Reality to preview the fittings. Facebook, on occasion, announced an expansion of the Spark AR platform in the F8 conference.

How does google augmented reality work?

Google AR Core platform helps developers to create AI app for android and iOS. Since then the company started serious testing on AR, including in its maps as well as in pixel lens and search applications. In May, officially AR was released out. Consumers can look for 3D objects and can throw them into the immediate environment. Google AR Core devices can only run the features of Augmented Reality offered by the search engine. This extends the spread of AR centered websites to popular devices.

How to adapt AR?

For marketers, it seems like the rules of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that are constantly changing in day to day life. In recent times, the company just bumped up the importance of images and videos letting your customers search and directly jump to your website. However, Augmented Reality is one step above your head. Functionalities which AR offer are:

  • All though, AR aids in the increased time spent by users on your website/store. Customers get the real experience of things without having to own them.
  • AR minimizes the disruption from pop up ads and made user experience immersive.
  • Unlike VR, that requires additional hardware. AR does only require you a mobile having AR Core features in it, which is not costly for anyone.

To win the in the world of AR, you need to rethink digital marketing components including website design, search engine optimization, and content strategies. Here are some of the strategies that you can follow to increase your traffic.

  1. Optimize your business for Local SEO

In addition to AR, Google is also expected to make it crucial to the Maps Applications. While in the startup, this feature got a partial kick. But over time, AR led to the steady stream of visitors by Augmented Reality direction. Make sure to optimize your Google My Business Listing. Remember to add your address, operating hours, and contact information along with posting prompt responses to online reviews and careful reputation management.

SEO Analysis
  1. Start preparing for AR SEO

search is giving a pull to AR, we presume the policies for this new category to be clearly defined. Like “IKEA”, is good to place for building an AR app. Upload the virtual reality tours of your store. Create 3D mockups and models of your products to give the customers the great taste of products before having them. 3D models are the images that can be viewed at 360o on your regular app and via ar google search to the natural environment.

  1. Keep an eye out for augmented video advertisements

At 2019’s Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, Google demonstrated an amazing tool that permits you to add an interactive layer to video ads. The pilot featured cosmetic products, permits users to test a lipstick shade by using their front camera to apply the color onto a user’s “digital lips”. In the upcoming days, you will be able to create your 3D marketing assets and be able to advertise them through YouTube.

Say welcome to Augmented Marketing

From Location-based SEO to AR video ads, the company is pulling more investment in Augmented Reality. The intention behind it is, according to Gartner predicts that the 100 million customers will use AR to shop online by the 2020s. Poly, a 3D editor by Google is a tool used by influencer marketers. You can upload shapes plus templates, create your product demos, change animations, and customize the whole activity. For marketers, a 3D design skill is going to be the most utmost importance. This is no longer a futuristic idea to generate more sales, you need to adopt the AR trend to optimize and rank in Google’s search.

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