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Business Intelligence Analyst [The Startups Guide]

Business Intelligence Analysts

To improve the business, its necessary for the Business Intelligence Analyst to uncover the functional opportunities that generate more sales. BI Analyst efforts to find the hidden information inside the data by performing multiple actions. Maintaining a sharp eye on the competitors and picking the right decisions seems to be a thoughtful process. More intelligently, it works. Chances boost; that business succeeds and targets the precise audience.

Business Intelligence Analyst (BI Analyst)

A Business Intelligence Analyst (BI Analyst) is responsible for analyzing data that is used by businesses and organizations. BI Analyst helps the company put the collected data to increase the company efficiency and maximize profits. BI Analyst works to identify and provide new intelligence solutions to the company.

Big data usually supports decision making. They search through a large amount of data and produce reports. To maximize its convenience, BI Analyst transforms data into insights by applying numerous techniques. The gathered information is used by the managers and departments to improve organization actions. They also work with a team of developers to gain knowledge of other technologies.

Role of BI Analyst is becoming more crucial as the organizations capitalize on the volume of data. BI analyst discovers the areas where there are more chances to generate the revenue. They identify the place where improvements can be made. This is usually done by mining complex data through BI software and tools. Data is compared with the competitors to check out the trends. In the analysis, actions are taken to make their consumers satisfactory.

Business Intelligence Analyst Tasks

  1. Present application and data modeling design for data warehouse
  2. Extracting data from database and data warehouses by applying queries and present reports.
  3. Great grip on the Business Intelligence tools.
  4. Standardize knowledge assortment by creating strategies for database design and validation reports.

Business Intelligence Analyst Salary

As the skill is more demanding, people are interested to know “What is the average salary of the Business Intelligence Analyst?”. Keep in mind, your skills and year of experience have a direct impact on your salary. The more you have, the more you will be hired with money. According to Glassdoor, the average salary of a business analyst is about $70,829/yr in the US. That’s quite satisfactory for anyone.

Business Intelligence Analyst (BI Analyst) Salary

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Higher-than-average pay can be earned by the skills of data warehousing, data modeling, and data mining. Check out the Data Mining course offered by Coursera. The best-paid business intelligence analysts are in San Francisco and Washington, all offer numerous well-paid positions as business intelligence analysts as well. Most of the BI Analysts move to the higher ranks after having 10 years of experience. The highest exciting pay recorded for a business analyst at Amazon is $89,379. The roles include analytics manager, business intelligence manager, business intelligence architect, and analytics manager. 

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Job titleSalary rangeAverage salary
Business intelligence director$65K – $156k$105k
Director of analytics$93k – $182k$125K
Senior manager business analytics$68k – $158k$106k
Business intelligence manager$64k – $109k$84k
Senior business intelligence analyst$70k – $123k$96k
Business intelligence consultant$54k – $113k$76k
Business intelligence developer$62k -$108k$82k
Business system analyst$54k – $103k$73k
Business Intelligence Analyst Salary
  • An entry-level BI analyst can expect to earn an average salary of $59k.
  • Having 1-4 years of experience, BI analysts can expect to earn $66k.
  • Having 5-9 years of experience, BI analysts can expect to earn $77k.
  • Having 10-19 years of experience, BI analysts can expect to earn $85k.
  • While having 20+ years of experience, BI analysts can expect to earn $89k.

Business Intelligence Analyst Job Requirements

Senior positions as business intelligence requires an MBA, but other BI jobs look only for an undergraduate candidate. BI analyst requires a mixture of technical, soft, problem-solving and analytical skills. Job involves mining data and spotting the data trends by using complex tools and software. After spotting data trends, you’ll need to effectively communicate your findings to others in an organization. You’ll also be responsible for suggesting possible solutions to fix issues.

Business Skills…

  • Business analysis
  • Team collaboration
  • Business intelligence
  • Business administration
  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Communication and presentation skills

Technical Skills…

  • Database design
  • Data architecture
  • Data warehouse and Data modeling
  • Data mining and Data analysis
  • Data security and privacy
  • Database management and reporting
  • Tableau, Qlik, and Data visualization
  • Hadoop, SQL, Python, and C# (One programming language is mandatory)
  • Proficient in ETL (Extract, Transform, Load)
  • Microsoft Office and Excel
  • Cloud computing and data storage technology i.e. BigQuery and Redshift

Business Intelligence Analyst Job Description

Job descriptions vary by company, but these are some of the general responsibilities you can prepare for yourself are… 

  • Good collaboration with clients to extract their needs.
  • Conduct information gathering interviews and get feedback from clients as well as customers.
  • Develop new analytical models and techniques for a company to standardize data collection.
  • Evaluating customer’s data.
  • Managing the deployment of data to the data warehouse
  • Developing policies and procedures for the analysis of data.
  • Presenting different solutions to increase the company’s efficiency.
  • Keeping an eye on new emerging technologies.
  • Cooperation with IT departments to deploy software and hardware upgrades to regulate big data use cases.
  • Monitoring analytics to make a great decision.
  • Candidate should be able to create new data analysis methodologies.
  • Ensuring data integration and utilization.
  • Identify and understand data anomalies.
  • Fetching required data from warehouses using SQL querying techniques.
  • Analyzing data through different AI-Based software’s.
  • Creating summary reports of the company’s current position.

Business Intelligence Analyst Interview Questions

No one knows what a hiring manager will ask during an interview, but you need to be mentally prepared for their critical questions. Some companies might ask about your past experience and future goals, Or, they might go as far as to ask you strange questions or put you on the spot by asking you to analyze data in real-time. Before your next BI analyst interview, it’s a good idea to dig around online to make yourself ready. From Glassdoor, here is the complete list of top interview questions for BI analysts. Some of them include…

  • Fetching data by using query language in the interview
  • Describing how you overcome data challenges.
  • A little bit overview of Structured Query Language (SQL).
  • Presenting your knowledge of data modeling and blending.
  • Hands-on testing using the company’s actual data.
  • Knowledge of data visualization, weighted average, joins, delete, truncate and union.
  • Questions about popular business intelligence tools and programming languages.
  • Brain teasers that show your critical-thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Real-time problem-solving using business intelligence tools.

Final Words…

The job market for BI Analyst is likely to grow by about 21% from 2014 to 2024. Analysts are required in many fields. Organizations need people, who handovers their work and gave a huge benefit to them. Organizations look for ways to compete and stand out from their competitors. A person having the right skills and expertise can easily fit in this industry. You will be able to set yourself apart in this competitive, yet thriving job market. Which technical skills you already have learned to become a business intelligence analyst. Let us know in the comment section below…

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