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how to host on twitch

Twitch provides a playing environment for gamers. Twitch offers them to live stream their playing and twitch hosting. Thus, by increasing their followers and growing their audience. The young generation has more of the craziest ideas to present on the Twitch platform. Arise in technology forces generation to come up with new and innovative ideas.

Justin launched this platform. Specific years ago, Amazon bought Twitch in 970 million dollars. With the great perfections, it is becoming the leading stand for gamers. Now, Twitch has about 20 million daily active users that live stream. Twitch also hosts e-sports offering live commentary. Users can easily organize their events, news, and demos from well-known gaming conventions.

Some gamers need inspiration and great tips to play games. By watching their live streams, they can get what they need. You can catch some great advice from your favorite game streamer. By viewing, you can even know about the new epic games to play great with them.

Twitch hosting is a famous trick for gamers. Hosting Mode allows the followers of your channel to watch another channel without having to leave your channel’s chatroom. That’s an excellent strategy to engage with your audience and showing them your favorite content. Its usually promoting other’s content on your channel. It’s a unique strategy to keep channel active even if you are offline and not broadcasting.

Twitch streams can be viewed on the official Twitch website and via one of the official Twitch apps available for iOS and Android devices, Xbox 360 and Xbox One video game consoles, Sony’s PlayStation 3 and 4, Amazon’s Fire TV, Google Chromecast, Roku, and the NVIDIA SHIELD.


How to host someone on Twitch

Generally, there are three methods for twitch hosting. For mobile games, you can select mobile hosting. For desktop games, you can choose twitch desktop hosting. And the third option is pretty great i.e., auto hosting. You can choose any of them as desired.

Desktop – Twitch Hosting

  1. Go to in a web browser.
  2. Signup or Login to your account by providing essential credentials.
  3. At the top right corner, click on your name. In the dropdown menu, click on “channel.”
  1. By clicking the channel, this will show a chatroom with your channel.
host channel
  1. In the bottom right chat panel, type /host + channel name that you want to host. For example, /host xQcOW in your chat. Now, your followers can watch your channel. Your chatroom will become active, and viewers watching your channel will be added to the hosted channel views.
  1. You can change the hosted channel to three times every half hour.
  2. To stop hosting, simply type /unhost in the chat panel.

Mobile – Twitch Hosting

Hosting can also be done via the Twitch Android or iOS app.

  1. Simply launch the twitch app and fill the credentials.
  2. At the top left corner, click on your profile picture and tap on chat.
  3. In the chat panel, type /host ChannelName in your chat to host the channel.
  4. To stop twitch hosting, simply type /unhost in the chat panel.

Twitch Auto Host

  1. Go to your channel settings.
  2. Turn on “auto host.”
  1. Add the channels that you want to host. Channel will be automatically selected when you go offline.
  2. Click the save settings. Now you are good to go.

Advantages of Twitch Hosting

To become an active member of the twitch community, there are no hosting requirements. However, hosting another channel is a good idea.

  1. Hosting other channels means promoting other’s content on your channel. Much promotional value you get depends on the target channel’s layout. It’s up to the streamers whether they mention their hosts onscreen. Hosts do receive some credit that can be displayed in a special message within the chat.
  2. You can maintain your account displayed within the Live Hosts and Twitch websites. Chances for new users to discover your account is higher, which may lead to more people following you.
  3. Most of the streamers follow the standard practice called “Raiding.” After ending up their live broadcasting, gamers manually host other channels to keep their audience engaged. That urges their followers to jump over to the hosted channel.

Disadvantages of Twitch Hosting

Despite twitch hosting benefits, there are still some drawbacks associated with hosting another channel. That’s why some of the gamers do not recommend hosting others.

  1. When hosting another Twitch channel, you communicate less with your audience. A message designed for your channel will be replaced with the video of the broadcast being hosted. You’ll need to post messages to your regular audience somewhere else on your profile in a less-prominent position.
  2. To keep the channel active, VOD (Video on Demand) is an excellent feature for growing your audience. VOD works by playing the previously recorded streams of your gaming. In this way, your channel remains active on your content.

How to Get Other Twitch Streamers to Host You 

Gaining more followers is excellent exposure. This encourages other streamers to host you on their channel. Being hosted on twitch is a great way to build your community.

  1. Promote yourself on social media and ask your fellows to host you. Being hosted by others encourages others to host you. Some consider twitch hosting when they are not active.
  2. Add a host list to your Twitch layout. By adding a dynamic list of hosts, viewers will be encouraged to host your broadcast as a way to promote their accounts. StreamLabs offer this functionality.
  3. Ask your viewers to host back to you. Most of the users are passionate about giving an attribute by hosting back. The effective strategy is to remind you, followers, to support you.

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