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How to insert pdf into word

insert pdf into word

Insert pdf into word

In 1983 when it had been first Microsoft Word developed, Not just within the number of versions but also in what proportion you’ll do with it. There are several free word processors that are great alternatives to Word, but it remains the foremost popular of all of them.

Word offers many features that assist you in presenting a good range of various documents, and a few are often confusing if you’re unacquainted with them. One of these is that the Insert PDF to Word tool, which enables you to insert a PDF file into a Word document in its entirety, or by attaching it as a clickable object.

PDF into Word

insert pdf into word
  1. Insert pdf into word as an embedded object
  2. Insert pdf into word as a linked object
  3. Copy the pdf file into word
  4. Insert text file from a pdf into word
  5. Insert pdf image into a word

Insert pdf into word as an embedded object

Step-1 Click the insert tab

image 2

Step-2 Click on the object group and select Object

image 3

Step-3 Click the create from file that appears in the object tab.

image 4

Step-4 Browse & find the pdf file which you want to insert in it.

image 5

Finally click OK. File will embed and appears in the word.

Insert pdf into word into as a linked object

A linked object, during this case, means the complete PDF file is going to be inserted, but it’ll only appear because of the first page of the document, and linked to the source file.

You can prefer to have it displayed as an icon rather than the file preview. Either way, you’ll open the file once you select the icon or preview. Any changes you create to the first PDF file are going to be reflected within the Word document.

Step-1 Click to insert tab and click on object.

image 6

   Step-2 Click Display as icon if you want to preview this pdf as the icon under below. Finally, click OK.

image 7

 PDF icon will appear on word doc you can double click and get the link.

Copy the pdf file into word

In this method, you can easily Copy the text from Adobe Acrobat Reader and paste it into a Word doc, but remember you can never paste any graphical data from your pdf files. Follow these steps and easily paste your data from pdf into word.

Step-1 Open your required PDF document.

Right-click on anywhere on the document and click select Tool.

image 8

Step-2 Select your required data Right click and select Copy

Finally paste this into your Word document.

Insert text file from a pdf into word

In this method, you can easily insert the text from a pdf directly into the word with simple steps.

Step-1: Click insert in the word and select text from file 

image 9

Step-2: Go to the path of the pdf which you want to insert in it & select insert.

Maybe it can appear this kind of error.

image 10

Click OK. (it takes few seconds)

Finally, whole pdf data will insert into the word doc.

Insert pdf image into word

In this method, you can easily insert a picture in the word document. But remember if you make any changes in the source file. That changes will never affect your image. First of all, if you have a single picture you want to insert in the document, then use the windows snipping tool. Crop the image and save it as JPG or PNG format in your desired folder. Alternatively, having a lot of pages you want to add in the word doc use these tools—for example, Jing, SnagIt, and many others.

Step-1: click insert and select picture.

image 11

Step-2: Go to your picture destination. Select it and click on the insert.

image 12


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